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  Runcore’s Kylin series single-disk and PCIE solid-state accelerator card as well as the commercial NANO array are widely used in database, storage network, HPC computer, financial modeling and all kinds of service working station.

 ● High performance computing field and high concurrency I/O field
  This kind of application has large demands on solid-state disk array in high performance computing fields, such as the oil exploration, meteorological analysis, and biomedical science. Large-scale ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application and large website hotspot resources (cache level) have urgent processing demands on high concurrency I/O. In these two fields, the majority part is for database application which is characterized by small data block random W/R and the ratio of writing is less than that of reading. It has high requirements on response time and IOPS and the storage capacity is not large generally. Many databases always carry out frequent access to metadata (diary and index) and the access may constitute about 70% of the I/O transmission workload. However, there are only 10% of the data and the rest data of lower I/O access actually occupy 90% of the disk capacity. If the actual application is the above-mentioned mode and capacity ratio, then the application performance will be obviously improved with small portion of data concentrated on SSD. Runcore’s solid-state array product is designed for this purpose.

 ● Storage sub-system
  The traditional disk is replaced by SSD in the upgrading and design process in order to obtain the excellent performance of SSD in the I/O intensive application. The world-famous search engine supplying enterprises like Google, Baidu, Yahoo and Sougou utilized SSD to save the index database of search engine. The index database requires very high IOPS and the need of writing becomes less under huge visit volume, which highlights the performance advantage of solid-state storage high I/O and avoids the risk of repeated writing. Runcore’s Kylin series SSD is designed for this application.

 ● Hierarchical storage
  In the disk array, directly use the SSD to upgrade partial traditional disks and the whole system has the concurrent array structure of SSD and traditional disk. SSD and traditional disk are respectively arranged to correspondent application to completely reach the balance between performance and costs. The solid-state storage undertakes the tasks at the top of the whole database pyramid and key application, such as the transaction processing and database system. Runcore adopts the Nano series solid-state array to perfectly carry out this kind of application.

 ● As a system’s advanced cache
  PCI-E can be adopted to connect the system’s main board which is used as the extension of system’s cache. The leading server main board manufacturers in this industry have similar application and promote it to the clients. Runcore’s Kylin series PCIe accelerating solid-state disk card is developed for this application and supports the extension of cache memory.

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