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2012.03 RunCore Pro V MAX Editor’s choice award circuitREMIX Canada
2012.03 RunCore Pro V MAX Bronze arward TcircuitREMIX Canada
2012.02 RunCore Pro V MAX Gold Seal The SSD Review Canada
2011.12 RunCore SSD Innovation Storage Enterprise Award www.Dostor.com China
2011.11 RunCore SSD Outstanding Contribution Brand Enterprise Award in IT industry www.ccidnet.com China
2011.12 RunCore RCA Best Product Award EDN China Innovation Award China
2011.12 RunCore SSD Deloitte Tech Fast 50 in Asia Deloitte Asia
2011.10 RunCore SSD Deloitte Tech Fast 50 in China Deloitte China
2011.08 RunCore Pro V mSATA(RCP-V-T501B-MC) Editors Choice The SSD Review Canada
2011.04 RunCore RCA Information Security Excellent Product Award China Computer Newspaper China
2011.04 RunCore SSD The Fastest Growing Brand Award Computer Newspaper China
2011.01 RunCore Pro V Editors Choice The SSD Review Canada
2010.12 RunCore SSD New Cutting-edge SSD Brand Award www.yesky.com China
2010.12 RunCore SSD The Most growth Brand Enterprise Award www.ccidnet.com China
2010.11 RunCore SSD Most Commercially Valuable Brand Award www.ca800.com China
2010.06 RunCore Pro V Best Features Award Tweak Town U.S.A
2010.04 RunCore Pro V Goldentach Award Benchmark Reviews U.S.A
2010.01 RunCore Pro V Best Performance Award Tweak Town U.S.A
2009.12 Runcore Pro IV Core Technology Award 2009 www.yesky.com China
2009.12 Runcore Pro IV 2009 Product of the Year Award IT 168 China
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