RunCore Small Form Factor SATA II SSD rSSD™



Application:Tablet PC/Smartbook/Ultrabook/Netbook/Set-top box/Net-top box/Internet-enabled TV Industrial automation&control/IPC/POS/MFP/HMI Automotive infotainment system/GPS thin client/telecommunication/Single-board computer Gateway/Switch/Network firewall Video surveillance/Blue-ray player/imaging applications Handheld/portable devices Black box data recorder Video conferencing/Monitor Device Test&measurement instrumentation Military Application All other embedded storage applications

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The RunCore rSSD™ 6Gbps Single-chip SATA Solid State Drive(SSD) is designed for a wide range of embedded computer applications. It has SATA SSD’s capability in a small multi-chip BGA form factor but it provides 80GB/120GB/160GB for different storage requirements,delivering fast sequential read and write performance,outstanding random  IOPS performance. In addition,It integrate intelligent destruction and write protect function for kinds of data security applications.

As its high integrated hardware architecture and low power, rSSD™ is rugged and reliable,Light weight. It is the ultimate non-volatile storage solution that is easy to be designed for various consumer or industrial applications.

Model RC01GX1XAB
Key Features Wear Levelling: Static/Dynamic
Garbage Collection
ECC:8/15bit per 512-byte and 16/30bit per 1KB
Interface SATA II Chipset
Flash&Capacity MLC:4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB
Max Read/Write(MB/s) 100/80
Maximum Power Consumption 0.67W
Write Protect YES
TCG Opal N/A
AES 128/256 N/A
Coating N/A
Intelligent Destruction YES
Physical Destruction N/A
Dimension(L×W×H/mm) 14.0×18.0×2.5
Commercial Temperature(0℃~+70℃) YES
Extended Temperature(-20℃~+70℃) N/A
Wide Temperature(-40℃~+85℃) YES
RC04GC18AB RunCore Small Form Factor 8G MLC SATA III SSD  rSSD™
RC04GC1AAB RunCore Small Form Factor 16G MLC SATA III SSD  rSSD™
RC04GC1BAB RunCore Small Form Factor 32G MLC SATA III SSD  rSSD™

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