RunCore Elite V Half Slim SATA SSD



Application:Tablet PC, Smartphone, E terminal. Car Navigation System (GPS), Portable Navigation System, on-vehicle devices. Electronic meters, Electronic communications, Electrical machinery and equipment, Automatic control system, Energy management system, Grid Systems. Ticket machines, Vending machines and other transportation equipment. POS Machine, Convenience store terminal, Felica / Suica, ATM and other financial terminals. Diagnostic imaging systems, Blood analysis device, Medical Computer, Electronic case. Servers, routers, Information Systems. Monitors, Secure terminal equipment.

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RunCore Elite III Series Half Slim SATA is a high-performance and embedded flash storage with smaller physical dimension, which adopts high performance controller, and with its maximum read and write speed respectively up to 120MB/S and 60MB/S. Also, its Built-in Hardware ECC function can ensure data reliability in high-speed transmission, and the Advance Wear-Leveling Algorithm can maximize the read and write endurance. Half Slim SATA supports standard SATA II protocol with a high speed access, and its specifications of data reliability and endurance are both in the top level of the world.

Model RCE-V-S10XX-XX
Key Features Wear Levelling: Static/Dynamic
Garbage Collection
Interface SATA II
Flash&Capacity MLC:8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB
Max Read/Write(MB/s) 170/160
Maximum Power Consumption 1W
Write Protect N/A
AES 128/256 YES
Coating YES
Intelligent Destruction N/A
Physical Destruction N/A
Dimension(L×W×H/mm) 54.0×39.8×4.0
Commercial Temperature(0℃~+70℃) YES
Extended Temperature(-20℃~+70℃) YES
Wide Temperature(-40℃~+85℃) YES
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RCE-V-S1008-MX Runcore Elite V SATA  08GB MLC SSD  
RCE-V-S1016-MX Runcore Elite V SATA  16GB MLC SSD  
RCE-V-S1032-MC Runcore Elite V SATA  32GB MLC Commercial Grade (0℃~+70℃) SSD  
RCE-V-S1032-M8 Runcore Elite V SATA  32GB MLC Wide temp range ( -40℃~+85℃) SSD 
RCE-V-S1064-MC Runcore Elite V SATA  64GB MLC Commercial Grade (0℃~+70℃) SSD  
RCE-V-S1064-M8 Runcore Elite V SATA  64GB MLC Wide temp range ( -40℃~+85℃) SSD 
RCE-V-S1028-MX Runcore Elite V SATA 128GB MLC SSD  
RCE-V-S1008-SX Runcore Elite V SATA 08GB SLC SSD  
RCE-V-S1016-SX Runcore Elite V SATA  16GB SLC SSD  
RCE-V-S1032-SX Runcore Elite V SATA  32GB SLC SSD  
RCE-V-S1064-SX Runcore Elite V SATA  64GB SLC SSD  
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