RunCore Glory III SATA 2.5'' SSD



Application:Industrial PC Notebook Small client systems Reinforcement computer On-vehicle, video, network monitoring Embedded system Medical device Wireless communications Handheld portable devices

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        RunCore Glory 2.5" SATA SSD adopts advanced flash controller and NAND flash. With a higher performance in read/write rate than mechanism hard drive. Furthermore, its characteristics of low power consumption and anti-vibration are obvious.
        RunCore Glory 2.5" SATA SSD complies with SATA 2.6 spec, which supports all major operating systems such as Windows9X / Me/NT/ XP/ CE/ Vista/ Windows7, Linux and Unix, Solaris, Vxworks. With no moving parts and seek time, it does not need to spin up into action or to seek files in the way that traditional hard disk drives do - enabling it to work much faster. It supports capacity from 64GB to 256GB. In addition, the product adds the intelligent purge for customers to choose and provides variety of temperature levels product to select ,such as Industrial Grade (-20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃) and Wide Temperature Grade (-40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃) .
        RunCore Glory 2.5" SATA SSD is widely used in the reinforcement computer\ industrial control computer\ embedded computer and national defense fields.

Key Features Wear Levelling: Static/Dynamic
Garbage Collection
Interface SATA II
Flash&Capacity MLC:16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB
Max Read/Write(MB/s) 219/190
Maximum Power Consumption 1.5W
Write Protect YES
AES 128/256 YES
Coating YES
Intelligent Destruction YES
Physical Destruction N/A
Dimension(L×W×H/mm) 100.2×69.8×9.0
Commercial Temperature(0℃~+70℃) YES
Extended Temperature(-20℃~+70℃) YES
Wide Temperature(-40℃~+85℃) YES
Part No. Description
RCG-III-S2516-MX  Runcore Glory III SATA 2.5" 3GB MLC SSD 
RCG-III-S2532-MX Runcore Glory III SATA 2.5" 32GB MLC SSD
RCG-III-S2564-MX Runcore Glory III SATA 2.5" 64GB MLC SSD
RCG-III-S2528-MX Runcore Glory III SATA 2.5" 128GB MLC SSD
RCG-III-S2556-MX Runcore Glory III SATA 2.5" 256GB MLC SSD
RCG-III-S2516-SX  Runcore Glory III SATA 2.5" 16GB SLC SSD 
RCG-III-S2532-SX Runcore Glory III SATA 2.5" 32GB SLC SSD
RCG-III-S2564-SX Runcore Glory III SATA 2.5" 64GB SLC SSD
RCG-III-S2528-SX Runcore Glory III SATA 2.5" 128GB SLC SSD
RCG-III-S2556-SX Runcore Glory III SATA 2.5" 256GB SLC SSD
RunCore Glory III Series 2.5'' SATA Solid State Disk_datasheet
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