Consumer Storage Series
Consumer Solid State Drive (SSD) designed for a variety of mobile devices, which was release at the end of July, 2009, Pro IV series SSD has a range of products that support perfectly the middle and high end mainstream laptops, net books, all Mac Books and portable MID products, and are compatible with almost all operating systems. With the advanced Flash controller, NAND flash memory and large-capacity 64M cache, Pro IV series SSD gives a great performance on read/write speed and service life, nearly five to ten times compared to HDD. With the new technology developing, RunCore announced the world fastest MSATAIII and SATAIII 2.5inch products as Pro V. The line also support 7mm standard for Ultrabook.
In industrial area, embedded computer and on-vehicle / ship based / aviation storage system, storage devices must require an excellent performance in extreme environmental conditions such as industrial temperature, moisture and shocks etc. Products of Glory / Elite series designed by RunCore have peculiar anti-vibration construction and ST hermetic internal structure, which enable the products to have an outstanding performance in harsh conditions. rSSD @ is extremely MCP storage solution which is the new innovation for embedded SSD solution. The three product line will match tablet,automation,control,IPS,pow,mfp,HMI,GPS,gateway,firewall,video surveillance, imaging applications, black box data recorder, test&measurement instrumentation, Defense application and all other embedded storage applications.
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Enterprise Storage Series
RunCore Commercial products provide the solutions for high-end corporations, who need high-performance arrays, single drives and accessories. Kylin series have excellent performance in IOPS, reliability, as well as expansibility, which is the best solution in server,data center and communication applications. Meanwhile, Xapear as professional security innovation to provide a solution for officer, government and business man who need to protect their data.
InVincible Series SSD is specially designed for Defense grade storage. Under the Defense standard, RunCore screen out each disk in temperature, vibration and shock , anti-radiation etc. In addition, all the product's figure, capacity, performance and special functions can be customize according to specific requirement.
RunCore Hurricane Series reinforced solid array system has industry-lead performance in random and continuous read/write rate. Its extensive expandability can satisfy the requirements of customers in capacity, performance and heterogeneous connection at present and in the future, no complete upgrading is needed. Through integrating with efficient management and convenient operation, it can achieve information protection in a quite high level. Its extensive and powerful function will bring the good flexibility for enterprise, guaranteeing timely response to business needs.
Security Series
RunCore Security products aimed at high-end business people who require safety of personal information. Xapear is the storage unit which has function of data encryption, hidden and data remote destruction as well as others: a high data security, product stability, high reliability. And RunCore iSafe is a data security U-disk, it is a kind of portable, shockproof, waterproof, removable, data encryption, plug-and-play computer data storage device. Separate push-button input password without inserting a computer can press the password to open data security U disk and set & modify password to avoid hackers’ s steal
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